Optomap Information

  • Zeeland Vision would like to introduce you to the Optomap, a retinal camera that aids in detection of abnormalities deep inside the eye. The Optomap allows for a high quality wide angle retinal image that aids the doctors in the detection and diagnosis of eye abnormalities before they become more serious vision problems. 

    In the past, the doctors of Zeeland Vision have relied on dilation and the use of high powered magnifying lenses to assess the health of the retina. While dilation is still an acceptable and sometimes necessary procedure, we realize the side effects of dilation (blurred near vision, light sensitivity) can be bothersome to our patients who need to return to work, school, or who simply want to pick out new glasses frames. These are some of the reasons we are excited to provide this advanced service to our patients. 

    Presently, most insurances will only cover dilation drops for retinal evaluation. The Optomap retinal screening is an added cost ($44) for the yearly examination. 

    We believe the addition of Optomap to your eye exam provides a higher level of care so we strongly recommend this new technology to all our patients. 

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